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Apache Cordova 5.x.x Related Known Issues

Updated: 9/10/2015

Important: We no longer maintain this article but if you’re stuck, ask us a question on Stack using the tag ‘visual-studio-cordova'. Also, subscribe to our developer blog. We regularly post issues and workarounds. This article covers known issues related to Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova 2015 when building or deploying using Apache Cordova 5.0.0+.

In general we recommend using Cordova 5.1.1 or above instead of 5.0.0 because there are a number of issues including a security issue in Cordova 5.0.0.

Apache Cordova 5.x.x General Issues

config.xml Designer Does Not Show Updated Plugin IDs with Cordova 5.0.0+: A significant change occurred with Cordova 5.0.0+ that also altered the IDs of many core Cordova plugins. The Visual Studio 2015 config designer uses the old IDs (for example, not cordova-plugin-camera) with Cordova 4.3.1 and previous versions because versions of Cordova before 5.0.0 do not support npm.

However, if you update your Cordova version to 5.0.0 or later the config designer should automatically see the new IDs in the "Plugins" tab of the designer. If you do not see this behavior, update Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova because a small post-RTM update enabled this functionality. Some very early adopters may not see some of the improvements described in this document until after you update. In this case, you will get an update notification soon prompting you to update or, when creating a new project, you can click "Install Tools for Apache Cordova" from the Apache Cordova templates section. Be sure to remove plugins with the older IDs before updating using the "Installed" tab to avoid unexpected behaviors.

Cannot access any network resources from Android app: The Android platform contained within Cordova 5.0.0+ does not have a "whitelist" plugin installed by default and therefore blocks network access by default. There are now two whitelist plugins that can be installed:

  • Installing “cordova-plugin-whitelist” is the recommended whitelist plugin and results in some new behaviors and introduces new config.xml elements that can be added manually by right clicking on config.xml and selecting View Code. You can install the plugin from the command line or by adding this XML element to config.xml (see this article for more details):

    <vs:plugin name="cordova-plugin-whitelist" version="1.1.0" />
  • Installing “cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist” will cause the platform to behave the way it did in 4.x and enables the "Domain Access" list in the configuration designer. You can install this plugin from the command line or by adding this XML element to config.xml (see this article for more details):

    <vs:plugin name="cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist" version="1.1.0" />

Error when adding plugin using Git URI with Cordova 5.1.1: Cordova 5.1.1 has a bug that can cause plugins installed from a Git repo to fail with the error Error: EXDEV, cross-device link not permitted if the project is on a different drive than your temp folder.

See tips and workarounds for information on adding plugins not present in the config designer. You can add these plugins from either the Cordova plugin repository or npm. If you must add a Git version of the plugin, either move your project to the same drive as your temp folder when installing or you can instead download a copy, unzip it, and add the plugin from the filesystem.

Missing Android SDK 22: The Android platform in Cordova 5.0.0 requires Android SDK API Level 22 which may not be installed on your system. Install the SDK using the Android SDK manager.

Ripple throws error when starting up Cordova 5.0.0: Ripple does not function properly in Cordova 5.0.0 due to a newly introduced validation check. This problem was fixed in Cordova 5.1.1.

Known issues with Apache Cordova 5.x.x and Visual Studio 2015 RC

Visual Studio 2015 RC uses Ant to build Android with Cordova 5.x.x: Visual Studio 2015 RC uses Ant to build Android, while the command line has switched to Gradle by default in version 5.0.0 of the CLI. When switching between Visual Studio and the command line with the version of Android in Cordova 5.0.0, you may want to specify that the platform should be built with Ant instead if you are running into unexpected issues.


cordova build android -- --ant

You can also set an environment variable to keep this preference around for a command line session.


Finally, if you are still seeing build errors, you may want to opt to remove and re-add the android platform after switching build systems.

cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android

Visual Studio 2015 RC cannot build an Android app with the Crosswalk plugin: The Crosswalk Cordova plugin requires that Gradle be used to build Android to build but VS 2015 RC uses Ant. To build a project that uses the Crosswalk plug-in, you will need to build using the command line:

npm install -g cordova
cordova platform remove android
cordova platform add android

cordova build android


cordova run android


cordova emulate android

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