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Update 4 - Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Updated: 10/26/2015

Feature updates:

Chain Android SDK v23 into VS TACO feed

The newest version of Android SDK is automatically included with a VS TACo install.

Plugin Installation Log

When a developer installs a plugin using the config designer in Visual Studio, a log window is opened with the log messages from Cordova. This should help developers with plugin installation debugging.

TypeScript Debugging in Chrome Dev Tools

We added the inlineSources property to the project templates’ tsconfig.json file to help the Chrome developer tools debug TypeScript projects.

Bug fixes:

Launching the Chrome Dev tools when VS is attached no longer closes Chrome

Bug: After launching the Ripple emulator in debug mode, opening Chrome dev tools (hitting F12) closes Chrome. This is due to the fact that Chrome sends a “disconnect” event both when it exits and when dev tools launch. Fix: Instead of listening for the “disconnect” event, VS listens for the Chrome process to end and use that as the trigger to end ripple.

Can now “Drag and drop” Toolbox items on to HTML

Bug: After opening an HTML file, when you try to drag a tool from the Toolbox onto the file, the "no smoking" cursor remains and the drop doesn't work. Fix: The tool is applied to the HTML file.

Success during secure mode for iOS build, and accompanying certificate generates

Bug: If the user has options stored for using secure mode for iOS build, but did so without generating the behind-the-scenes properties, then the build will fail immediately and with no error message. This is due to the failure to generate the CerficateName property during the build. Fix: When the user builds using secure mode for iOS build, all properties will set correctly, leading to a successful build.

Can debug Google Android Emulator when VS emulator is running, or device is attached

Bug: After detaching from VS Android emulator to start debugging on the Google Android emulator, debugger attaches to a new adb.exe process instead. Fix: Debugger now attaches correctly to the Google Android emulator and runs as expected.

DOM Explorer attaches properly even if InAppBrowser appears at app startup

Bug: Running the VS Android emulator when the VS Android emulator is already running causes VS to connect to second webview containing _iab.html instead of the main webview. Fix: Fixed the launch URI

Config file correctly parses plugins when no version is specified

Bug: After manually editing config.xml to add a plugin with no "version" attribute, changeList.json does not have the correct added/removed plugins. Fix: Added edge case in config.xml parsing.

Can now deploy to Android an app that opens on a non-start page

Bug: An app that launches a new window on OnDeviceReady() does not attach to the JS debugger. Fix: Debugger can now handle this.

Can attach Android device while VS is running

Bug: Attaching an Android device while VS is running generates an error message about adb not "ACK"ing comes up, and no deployment occurs Fix: Deployment now occurs.

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