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TACO Install Guide
Download the Tools for Apache Cordova with our step-by-step installation guide.
Beginner's Guide
Learn the architecture of a Cordova project by building a starter app with frameworks and services.
Troubleshooting Guides
Builds failing? Can't connect to the internet? General tips and workarounds to help unblock your project.
Add Plugins
Samples and guidance for core Cordova plugins listed in the config.xml designer.
Samples & Examples
Samples made by our team, and ones we just think are cool.
Connect to Data
Use the Azure App Services Mobile App SDK to connect to data.
Azure Push Notifications
Use the Azure App Services Mobile App SDK to send Push notifications.
Add User Authentication
Use the Azure App Services Mobile App SDK to add authentication.
Update your apps instantly without going through the app stores.
Unit test your code
Unit test your code with Jasmine or Karma.
Video Tutorials
From installation to packaging and publishing, follow along with our video tutorials.